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More than 30 years working in Information Technology.  I have long enjoyed application development - and I still do.  Whether desktop applications or browser based, developing databased applications is still fun. One of my 'generic' applications may  meet your needs, or you may want a custom developed application.  Either way give my software programs a try.  I think you will pleased with the product features and price.  If you need consulting services then you may also want to contact me.  Current emphasis is on information security for small and medium sized businesses.

Dennis Baggott


Information Security

I have a number of well known and highly regarded certifications in Information Security.


Certified Information Security Manager



Certified in Risk and Information Security Controls



Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Like Many in IT, I have a few COMPTIA certs

A good place to start in getting certified in IT, these certifications were from quite a few years ago.


Network +

I never did get Comptia A+ certified, instead I started with Network +


Security +

Most people that start pursuing Information Security certifications start with Security +.  It is a good foundational certification.


Project +

I have managed a lot of projects over the years.  I had planned to go for PMP certification a few years back and so I got Project + certified.  I later got FAC-PPM certified since this is more Government related and my "day job" for the past decade or so has been with Federal goverment.